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Rick Lunt

Director, Vocal Music Program

American Leadership Academy

898 West 1100 South
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

w:  801.794.2226 Ext. 4950

m:  801.885.1470



April Hewerdine

President, CPA

(Choir Parent Associaion)





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ALA opened its doors to students in the fall of 2006.  Those doors are open to students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  ALA offers a broad range of academic classes, MATC opportunities and EdNet classes.  With a current K-12 enrollment of over 1,600 students, American Leadership Academy is growing and looking forward to the expansion of the Elementary building and Fine Arts facility.  


Though the ALA charter is based on leadership, it offers a broad range of extracurriculr activities, ranging from a diverse fine art program and a full sports program.  American Leadership Academy (ALA) Charter School is a school that is supported with state and public education funds but organized and operated privately. Charter schools are established by groups of teachers, parents, or others who wish to create public educational alternatives to existing public school systems.

Mission Statement
The mission of American Leadership Academy (ALA) Charter School is to empower families and support students in grades K-12 to meet and exceed rigorous academic standards, promote life-long learning skills, and to advocate our belief that parental involvement and partnership is critical to student success. ALA is committed to providing all students with a challenging, innovative, and results-oriented education through a quality, unique method of educational reform which emphasizes academic excellence, physical well-being, character development, and accountability and respect for the individual.

Vision Statement
We envision American Leadership Academy (ALA) Charter School as a thriving community of learning that honors and maintains its mission in all that it does. Together this Academy will build a scholarly, creative, and exciting environment that students will want to experience; a place that will attract the most highly skilled and committed educators and community members. Parents will have an active presence during the school day and in all aspects of governance. Accountability and personal responsibility will be embraced by all constituents, particularly the teachers, who will be given maximum freedom and support in helping them fulfill their teaching assignments.

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