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April Hewerdine

President, CPA

(Choir Parent Associaion)





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April Hewerdine - CPA President

September 1, 2015


As this year's Choir Parent Association President, I would like to welcome you to the 2015-2016 choir season and introduce myself.  My family and I relocated from the Midwest several years ago and our youngest of five daughters is a high school sophomore and now our last and only student at ALA.  We moved to Utah to be closer to our family, but we moved to the Spanish Fork area because even as far away as Indiana we had heard about American Leadership Academy.  ALA's reputation for excellence in academics, fine arts, and athletics is a reputation for which everyone involved might feel a great sense of pride.


What we have discoverd from our experiences is a remarkable community.  ALA is not just a school of students going through the motions of mandatory attendance or families doing the bare minimum in supporting their children's school.  We have found a community of parents and families that fully invest and support th eany amazing activities and progams of their school.  I have found a great sense of peace in having my younest daughter at ALA, surrouded by such supportive teachers and friends.  I have found a community of friends myself as I have gotten involved.  


Dear to my heart are the amazing choir programs available at ALA, with a most remarkable director at the helm, Mr. Rick Lunt.  he doesn't have the students just sing and dance like a standard or "normal" choir.  Everything the students do, every performance, teslls a story; and everything has meaning.  Even when they are being taught choreography, they are given moments for stories and refection, and direction.  They are taught incredible values and are held to high standards of honor and personal integrity.  They are also taught a phenomenal work ethic.  From Tyros to InPulse, Concert Choir, Evolution and Encore, we all become family as we all work together.  


This year's theme for the Evolution Show Choir is "Hercules" and reinforces the concept that true strength is found within.  The Evolution and Concert Choir tour season this year is unique; they will be performaing and competing at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville in February, and then they will compete in the Heart of America Invitational in Cincinnati during March.  Also, in March, Evolution will be hosting the first-ever show choir invitational in Utah, the Rocky Mountain Show Choir Expo (www.RMSCExpo.com).  Near the end of the school year, Evolution will be performing "Hercules" before their largest audience, over 7,000 people, as quests at the Convention of Statesmen held at UVU in May.


The season looks to be uniquely exciting and most promising!  Please join me in supporting our choirs and get involved in a variety of ways in our many activities.  I know it will prove to be a great experience for you; so come join our family!


April Hewerdine

Choir Parent Association President

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