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Rick Lunt

Director, Vocal Music Program

American Leadership Academy

898 West 1100 South
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

w:  801.794.2226 Ext. 4950

m:  801.885.1470



April Hewerdine

President, CPA

(Choir Parent Associaion)





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The ALA Choir Tech class is comprised of 10-15 students.  Selected students will be asked to provide technical assistance for the show choirs in all concerts and on all tours.  Students will work on costuming, set-design, lights, fog machines, riser set-up and tear-down, etc.  Choir Tech students are the behind-the-scenes important students that provide the visual eye-candy for our shows.  This is a very essential class that adds to the overall success of our choir program.


REQUIREMENTS:  Tour Payment and a black outfit required for performances.    


The ALA H.S. Concert Choir is an auditioned mixed choir of 60 to 90 singers.  The Concert Choir studies advanced accompanied and A cappella choral literature from a variety of genres.  The choir focuses on the development of vocal and musical skills by the study of vocal technique, music theory, aural training, and music appreciation while aligning with the standards of the Utah State Core Curriculum for Secondary Music, Choir I.  

Interested students are strongly recommended to invest themselves in private voice lessons.  A strong understanding of music fundamentals is also necessary. 


An annual choir tour is included in the curriculum, though not required, as it provides unique opportunities for significant personal and ensemble musical enhancement, academic growth and life-lasting memories of incredible times with some of your best friends!


REQUIREMENTS:  Tour payment, class outfit (dress or tuxedo), &materials fee. 



Encore is our auditioned a cappella group.  This ensemble of mixed voices is comprised of upper-classmen who have auditioned for Evolution. 


Composed of 15 singers, in balanced parts, Encore will select, compose, and arrange a portion of their repertoire.  Along with that, they will prepare a wide variety of literature appropriate to the theme of each show.   


Though much of our performances are combined, we do perform separately, just all boys and all girls.  Thus, we are in the process of selecting a name for the all boys and all girls ensemble.  Please reply to rlunt@americanleadership.net.


Encore performs many times during the year, beyond school hours. Christmas time is our busiest season. 


REQUIREMENTS:  Class materials fee, and purchase of class costume.  


Evolution is our advanced mixed show choir.  Composed of more than 50 men and women, Evolution competes at the highest level, with specially designed sets, best-in-the-business choreography and in-depth vocal nuances that create performances second to none. 


The course is also designed to apply the musical and vocal skills learned in previous ALA Choirs, and is to be taken simultaneously with Concert Choir.  Students must make room in their schedule for two choirs. 


An audition-only group, members of Evolution may be new to the school choir program or they can be an existing choir member.  Performance and rehearsal demands are high.  In addition to regular classes every day, students also have additional rehearsals weekly as deemed necessary by the Director.  


Evolution seeks those who are talented, passionate, dedicated to their craft, and who are willing to put in the extra time and energy to reach the pinnacle of competitive show choir, representing ALA throughout the nation during our competition season, which runs February through April.  Tours are included and required in the curriculum, as they provide unique opportunities for significant personal and ensemble musical enhancement, academic growth and life-lasting memories of incredible times with some of your best friends!


Auditions are held at the end of each academic year and performance commitments begin in the summer.

REQUIREMENTS:  Materials fee, costume fee, retreat fee, and tour fees.

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